Lead artist for the project, Greta McLain has 10 years of mural making experience. She earned her BA from the University of California Davis, her MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has traveled around South America and Europe studying new and traditional mural techniques. She has created painted and mosaic murals throughout the Twin Cities and made murals in Argentina, Mexico, France, Memphis and Philadelphia. She is an alum of Ramsey International Fine Arts Center where she was introduced to muralism as a young student.

She has facilitated various projects in the Minneapolis Public Schools including murals at Windom, Ramsey IFAC, El Colegio, Andersen Elementary, Green Central and South High School. She has lead a number of graffiti abatement projects and strongly believes in and has been witness to the positive results of providing a productive outlet for youth creativity. McLain was awarded ‘El Fuerte de Barragan’ for Artistic and Community Excellence for the mural Construyendo el Futuro with artist Melina Slobodian in December 2009, Ensenada, Argentina and was a recent participant in the Bush fellowship program, Creative Community Leadership Institute.


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