Creation of the Connections Mural

Now that the unveiling is almost here, we’ve been reflecting on the process of creating the Connections Mural. We had our first community input session at Corcoran Park’s community soup potluck back in November. At this event members of the community were asked to give their input on the designs. One sheet allowed them to write what they thought would be nice to see, and another had space to draw what they thought parts of the mural should look like.  There were also two more events in December!

WS Connections SP desgn ws connections spa

Later in January and February, students at Folwell were also given these sheets and asked for their input. Many of the kids depicted on the mural are current Folwell students. After gathering their ideas, our muralist Greta McLain took all the suggestions and combined them into one complete design that she submitted to a panel consisting of Dr. Salazar, Clyde Kane (district faculties), Bob Kambeitz from SENA, Molly McCartney, Gabrielle Bliss, and Alex Berry.

After it was approved, there were seven community paint parties all over Minneapolis. You can read all about those in other recent posts. In a grand culmination of the hard work of the artists and their supporters, the mural is being installed onto Folwell School. Thank you to everyone for being a part of this project, and we hope to see everyone at Folwell School on August 20th at 4:00pm for the unveiling!


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