Studio Visit

Today I got a chance to go in and see the mural  being worked on in studio. Now that all of the community paint party events have taken place, the rest of it is up to our muralist Greta and her very capable team. They were getting some great work done while I was there, using an interesting process. First, they project an image of a piece of the mural onto a sheet of canvas. Once the image is projected onto the canvas, the artists trace guide lines that will help them paint the image onto the mural. Next, interns work on the under coating, which is the base layer of paint. After the under coating is complete, the canvas goes to Greta and her assistants, who paint layers on top of the base coat and add fine details to the mural.


Make sure to keep checking back in to see more of the work in progress. And don’t forget: the unveiling is coming up and you won’t want to miss it! When the date and time is announced, we’ll post details about the unveiling here, so stay tuned.


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