Sibley Park Event, June 18th

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to have our last mural event. We had a great turn out for the mural today. People from all over the neighborhood came to help out and we greatly appreciated them. It also happened to be Sibley Park’s ice cream social, so there was plenty of food and ice cream for everyone. There was even a bouncy castle.


Of course, we got lots of work done thanks to our Muralist Greta McLain and so many members of the community. With all the work we got done at this event, along with previous events, we are in great shape to start putting up the mural very soon.


Today was, in fact, the last mural event and unfortunately there won’t be any more community painting, but don’t forget to keep checking in with our blog, because all of this fantastic work will be going up on Folwell School, Performing Arts Magnet very soon. There, we will be having an unveiling of the mural. Keep checking back for dates and more information. Thanks to everyone who came by today!

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