First Folwell Community Event

Hey everyone! May 7th was a great day for an event at Folwell. There was a great turn out and it was great to meet everyone that showed up. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be a little muggy and rainy, but that certainly didn’t deter the students from working on the mural.

DSCN1672 copyDSCN1632 copy

It was wonderful to see how many students showed up and helped out with the mural. We also had some help from the Folwell faculty.

DSCN1694 copy DSCN1677 copy

We received plenty of help from our talented muralist Greta Mclain. By the end of the day the students and faculty had made some amazing progress on the mural and everyone had a fun time working together.

DSCN1684 copy DSCN1662 copy

Overall, this was yet another fantastic event and I hope to see you all on May 29th at Roosevelt High School.


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