Nokomis Healthy Seniors Event

Thanks to everyone who made it on Thursday, it was great to see everyone there. We had a lot of fun and were able to accomplish great progress on the mural. It was lots of fun getting to work with the Nokomis Seniors community, and we even had a visit from several Roosevelt High School students.

DSCN1557 copy DSCN1531 copy

Of course, our muralist Greta McLain was also there to work with the seniors and help guide the process along, making sure everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

DSCN1546 copy

We even had the arts coordinator from Folwell and a Roosevelt High School teacher stop by to help out for a while.

DSCN1565 copy

By the end of the event, there had been great progress made for the mural. It’s moving along at a great pace, especially with the help of so many members of the community.

DSCN1597 copy DSCN1604 copy

Overall this was another huge success for the mural project. It was great to see everyone who stopped by, and it was a pleasure to see all the new faces. We hope to see you all again at our next event on May 7th at Folwell School in Minneapolis.


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